The following information is provided to assist you should you be involved in a loss. Nothing contained within this material should be construed as providing legal advice nor does it imply that coverage will be afforded. Every claim submitted will be evaluated based on the facts of the loss and the applicable policy of insurance.
We understand that catastrophic events can be devastating to people, businesses and property. This is the reason we have a team of specially trained professionals to respond to our policyholders' needs. Our Catastrophe Response Team can mobilize and service every region in the country within 24 hours notice of a pending event. We are committed to providing our policyholders with fair, prompt and professional claims service when they need us the most.
  • Do not enter a damaged building unless police or fire officials have declared it safe to do so
  • Do not alter the condition of the property before it is inspected by the insurance adjuster. However, if possible and safe to do so, you can make emergency repairs to prevent further damage. Please document any emergency service bills
  • If possible, separate and inventory damaged property from undamaged property
  • Do not dispose of damaged property until our investigation has been completed
  • Document your damages with photos, video, inventory lists and financial documentation (ie: receipts, bills, cancelled checks, etc.)
  • Report the claim to as soon as possible
  • Be sure trees, fences or antennas do not pose a danger to you or any other party
  • Prevent further loss. Be sure broken windows are repaired promptly and missing shingles or roof leaks are temporarily repaired to prevent further water loss
  • DKI is a national Property Restoration vendor who can provide 24/7 emergency services for your convenience. Go to for immediate service